Usio Energy Supply Limited

As of Monday 15th October 2018, Usio Energy has ceased trading.

If you are an Usio customer, don't panic. The energy regulator, Ofgem, will protect all Usio Energy customers' supplies and credit balance.

Usio Energy, an energy supplier with around 7,000 domestic customers, has ceased trading.

The energy supply of Usio Energy customers will continue as normal, and their outstanding credit balances protected under Ofgems safety net.

USIO believes in providing customers with 100% Green and renewable energy, along with an exciting approach to saving money by learning about their energy usage.

By selecting one of USIOs SMART tariffs, USIO will learn about their customer's energy use and will build a profile around it. USIO will then buy energy only at the times customers actually use it " saving money.

USIO pride themselves on amazing customer service and understand the need that their customer's experience is hassle-free, positive and reliable. USIO promises to deliver fantastic pricing, great service and a sound investment in providing their customers with the very best in energy.