The People's Energy Company

Peoples Energy's Company mission is simple: They will give power back to 1 million UK citizens control of their own energy.

Launching into the market after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Peoples Energy Company is a renewable and ethical energy supplier. They are committed to creating a company that customers want to stay with long term.

Peoples Energy wants its customers to have ownership of their energy company and, once they reach 20,000 customers, they will give 75% of profits back to customers who have been with them for 13 months.

Promising to be fair and transparent, Peoples Energy Company wants to bring back trust in the energy industry. They aim to do this by making customers the owner, listening to them and providing great, personal customer service.

The People's Energy Company currently have the following tariffs available for switching to:

Tariff Name Variable Tariff Fixed Rate Tariff Terms & Conditions Exit Fees
Tariff name The People's Tariff August 2018 Variable Tariff Yes Fixed Rate Tariff No Terms & conditions View here Exit Fees No exit fees