Snowdrop Energy

Snowdrop Energy is the smart and friendly answer for landlords, letting agents and tenants. They are the first energy supplier to design a specific tariff around the habits of short-term tenants, students, and house sharers.

Snowdrop Energy promises to offer honest and fair energy. After years of working in both the energy and lettings industries, they got fed up with how poor the big suppliers treated tenants, landlords and letting agents. So they decided to do something about it and set up Snowdrop Energy. The fair and friendly energy company.

Snowdrop Energy like to keep it simple when it comes to gas and electricity. They've designed their tariffs around tenants, landlord and lettings agents. Snowdrop Energy has positioned themselves as perfect for people who are not living in a property all year round, as all of their tariffs have no standing charge. This means customers only pay for the energy they use and unlike other energy companies, Snowdrop Energy don't charge a fixed daily rate. This means if customers are not using energy, then they are not being charged.