IRESA Limited

Update Tuesday 31st of July 2018: Ofgem appointed Octopus Energy to take on Iresa's customers after they ceased trading. Effective Friday 27th of July 2018: Iresa has ceased trading. Current customers should not panic as the regulator, Ofgem, will appoint a new energy supplier. Any credit balances will be honoured by your new supplier. Iresa Limited came on to the energy market in 2016. They are a small gas and electricity supplier based in Nottingham.

Important Information

• Iresa Limited don't take part in the Energy Switch Guarantee. There are 11 suppliers taking part in the scheme and it is an obligation from participating energy suppliers that any customers that switches to them will be transferred quickly and securely.

• Iresa Limited is not one of the energy suppliers that offer the Warm Home Discount. Introduced in 2011, suppliers that offer the Warm Home Discount give extra financial support to people struggling to afford their energy. For 2016/17, the Warm Home Discount rebate is £140.

• As a new supplier, we do not have enough information on Iresa Limited regarding the quality of their customer services or reviews available.