Hebrides Energy

Hebrides Energy, a not-for-profit community interest company based in the Outer Hebrides, is working in partnership with UK Energy supplier, Our Power, to promote a range of new Hebridean Tariffs to the local market. More information is available via https://our-power.co.uk/hebrides or 0808 189 4436.

Tariffs on offer include:

. Hebridean Variable Tariff (for standard, Economy 10 and Economy 7 customers).

. Hebridean Take Control Tariff (for customers on restricted meter types).

All tariffs are available to pre-payment customers who are charged the same as customers on credit meters.

Hebrides Energy have previously offered the tariffs for sale. You cannot switch to these any more but could still be on these:

Tariff Name Variable Tariff Fixed Rate Tariff Terms & Conditions Exit Fees
Tariff name Fixed 12 Solas1 Variable Tariff No Fixed Rate Tariff Yes Terms & conditions View here Exit Fees No exit fees
Tariff name Premium Energy Saver Variable Tariff Yes Fixed Rate Tariff No Terms & conditions View here Exit Fees No exit fees