Launched in May 2014, GnERGY is an independent supplier with a very specific market. Set up and managed by a community of 200 former Gurkas, GnERGY aims to target Nepalese energy consumers who are based in the UK. Gurkas are Nepalese military who are known for their involvement with the British Military.

They believe that the Nepalese community is a little more than 80,000 and is concentrated around where the supplier is based, Farnborough, Hampshire. The most intriguing and fantastic things about GnERGY is their completely unique way of dealing with potential and existing customers face to face. They won't turn up on your doorstep or speak to you on the phone, but instead invite any potential customers to their head offices, so they can see exactly who they are dealing with and can put faces to the company.

Their staff at their UK based call centre will be on hand to provide 24-hour support and are fluent in English, Hindi and Nepalese.