Fischer Energy

Fischer Energy is a Leicester based energy supplier. It was created to bring positive change to customers who value fairness, honesty and loyalty. They offer one fair tariff ensuring all their customer pay their best prices.

Important Information

• Fischer Energy doesn't take part in the Warm Home Discount scheme. A government-run initiative, it involves a number of electricity suppliers working together to offer support to customers struggling to afford their energy. In 2016/17, the Warm Home Discount rebate is £140.

• Fischer Energy isn't one of the suppliers taking part in the Energy Switch Guarantee. The Energy Switch Guarantee is a pledge to customers that they will have a speedy and safe switch from one energy provider to another. In January 2017, there were 11 suppliers taking part in the Guarantee.

• We don't have enough information on Fischer Energy regarding the quality of their customer services or reviews available to rate them.

Fischer Energy currently have the following tariffs available for switching to:

Tariff Name Variable Tariff Fixed Rate Tariff Terms & Conditions Exit Fees
Tariff name One Fair Tariff September 2018 Variable Tariff Yes Fixed Rate Tariff No Terms & conditions View here Exit Fees No exit fees