Bulb is a new renewable energy supplier. Renewables tend to be expensive but the people at Bulb want to change that. Offering just one single low-cost tariff for electricity and gas, Bulb has made it their mission to provide customers competitive prices.

The Bulb Community

Customers of Bulb are invited to become a member of the Bulb Community. Here members can ask questions and share tips on how to make Bulb better. Bulb believe that the best service comes from listening. Listening to what makes their customers happy, what could be better, and what they think Bulb should do next.

Energy Efficiency

Bulb want to make it simple to keep track of the energy customer's use. In addition, Bulb subsidises smart energy monitors for their members - they normally cost £75 but Bulb customers can get them for £20.

Bulb take part in the Energy Switch Guarantee. This is a pledge to customers that they will have a speedy and safe switch from one energy provider to another.

Bulb currently have the following tariffs available for switching to:

Tariff Name Variable Tariff Fixed Rate Tariff Terms & Conditions Exit Fees
Tariff name Vari-Fair Variable Tariff Yes Fixed Rate Tariff No Terms & conditions View here Exit Fees No exit fees